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To reach a higher level of consciousness you need an open mind and a humble heart.

I had none of that when I started working with my gifts and in the spiritual realm.

I knew I had the gifts of empathy, compassion and could even feel other’s pain, as well as speak to animals.

Yet at that time, I didn’t even believe we had chakras, let alone that they could be released of negative energy and filled with light to work properly. I was deeply in the ego-based professional world of sales, of going to “get” instead of going to “give”.

It wasn’t until an experience with a Native American Shaman who cleared my chakras that I believed.


When I walked in for my session with the Shaman she said: “You remind me of me many years ago and someday you will be like I am”.

I looked at her in astonishment and thought that can’t be true! I was wearing a pink suit with high heels, perfectly manicured nails and makeup. I was not in any way, shape or form even close to what she was. She was a Native American Medicine woman who was humble with a huge heart, discerning eyes and dressed plainly with long grey hair she no longer colored. She was physically small, yet she was powerful!

When she cleared and rebalanced my chakras, I got up from the table and felt completely different. A door had opened, and it was an opportunity for me to believe that there were many doors I needed to open along my spiritual walk and path of enlightenment.

The stubbornness of my mind, the very Scorpion traits of being “passionate” could easily turn to revenge and anger. Frustration, resentment and being “here” when I wanted to be “there”, coupled with trying to “get money”, never going to “give”, was a recipe for disaster spiritually, mentally and physically.

It wasn’t until my dear father’s death that I decided I needed to start living my life for me, instead of following what others thought my path should be, and to stop burying my gifts.

I was also shown that holding grudges did nothing for my foe, it only harmed me. I had so many things I needed to forgive others for, but also forgive myself for, including all my professional mistakes that weighed heavily on my mind.

In addition, I simply could NOT find a way to forgive the person who had stolen huge amounts of money from my sister and me, and had conned my father’s good nature with lies and deceit… until I met God.


One night, I was meditating and I asked God for forgiveness of my sins. He came to me and said, “I cannot forgive you until you forgive her”.

It was simple and profound and hit me like a ton of bricks.

At that moment I was shown that forgiveness, which I thought was an extreme weakness, was one of the strongest tools you can ever have.

When you forgive someone, you lighten the load on your heart and more importantly, the person you could not stand or forgive, has no more power over you.

You can move on with life!

And that’s exactly what I did.

I began to open myself up to a new way of being. One that was up humble, pliable to learning how to change and drop the beliefs, habits, and actions that no longer served me.

A few examples are:

· Understanding that selfishness with a partner is not cool. You must be able to bend like a tree to withstand the storm. Sometimes you must do things even if you don’t want to, especially if it will put a smile on that special someone’s face.

· Learn to be fearless. Yes, you can have courage, yet courage unchecked is never pressed. Diamonds come forth when they are put under pressure and it’s the same way with your gifts. When you are brave and fail, you learn.

I did some scary, but necessary things last year that changed me as a Healer. Giving workshops on talking to deceased pets and removing negative energetic blocks in people was scary. I was reluctant to put myself out there.

Could I really do it?

Could I be paid for this gift?

The answer was yes and yes!


I learned that in fact, I was designed to do this.

I have spent many lifetimes healing others.

One of the most profound and personal things I did was to forgive all who had hurt and killed my ancestors.

This broke many lineage soul-ties of poverty, deceit, unforgiveness and brought back faith.

You can forgive others who have wronged your family members and it makes a difference, no matter how many years back the incident goes.

With many gifts, they can only be strengthened when used, when tested. You WILL fail, you WILL make mistakes, you WILL fall, but your gifts will not fail you and you will learn important lessons to propel you through life.

I learned that my ego was large and now I seek to be kind when hurt, instead of lashing out in retribution. I saw that the judgments of others who didn’t believe in my gifts, was due to THEIR inexperience and low self-worth – they just didn’t understand me.

Please make sure to educate others on your gifts so they know not only what you do, but that your goal is to be in the highest service for all.

Do no harm and your gifts will flow. Go to “give” and you will be filled with joy at what you can do.

Don’t bury your gifts and try to fit in.

You weren’t created to ‘fit in’, you were created to stand out!

Ultimately God took someone who was stubborn, with a big ego and was known for writing people off and had a reputation of crushing those who wronged her – quickly! If I can change, so can you.

Spirit chooses those who are highly imperfect so that we can reach others who are also imperfect and the beauty is, you and I have the extraordinary opportunity to change.

All you have to do is change your mind. Even if you don’t believe that you are able to change, I know you are.

I know you can.

The Divine does not choose us based on our looks, he is only concerned with our souls and the potential any soul has is massive!

See yourself through my eyes.

You are amazing and incredible, filled with fire and hope that can change other’s lives – be it 2 legged or 4 legged.

Don’t give up. I believe in you.


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