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One of my greatest superpowers is being able to help people change how they see themselves and their future. Many of us have been programmed since we were small to put our feelings, needs and desires onto the back burner and told that we were not enough. I cannot tell you how many healers, empaths and coaches carry a lot of sadness and shame around who they are and what they do.

Since the time they were small, they have been told that they were different and not in a good way. They heard things like “Stop being so dramatic” or “You are over reacting and you need to stop doing what you are doing” which ends up being very detrimental to who they are.

Whatever the circumstances may be, they were reacting how they were hard-wired to be – with compassion, love and understanding.

The vicious reactions of those closest to them occurred because they were uncomfortable with the amount of beautiful feelings that the healer experienced to any circumstance and THEIR inability to process and have those extraordinary feelings themselves.

For some of us this was many years ago, yet we still carry these painful wounds which show up and hold us back from taking steps towards success. This affects how each of us moves towards our dreams and even frames how big our goals and dreams are. The end result is that we minimize and don’t allow ourselves to grow and have big beautiful dreams because we don’t actually believe we can achieve them.


Before you can see a brighter future for yourself, you need to change how you view and move through the world and what your capabilities are.

For instance, many of my clients want to start their own business, yet they don’t see how that’s possible.

Is it because of money? No

Is it because of a lack of strategy or that they don’t have an understanding of how to make it happen? No

The number 1 reason why they don’t feel they can accomplish their goals and make their dreams a reality is because they BELIEVE THEY DON’T HAVE WHAT IT TAKES INSIDE OF THEM TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

In addition, they also have deep subconscious beliefs of:

· I don’t deserve happiness.

· I am a failure.

· I don’t believe I will ever be more than I am today.

They took to heart what their family members said to them so many years ago and now believe they can never make their dreams a reality because they are not good enough to do so.

To give them the opportunity to change, I show them how truly gifted they are.

Working together we flip their perspective from one of “I’m just a regular person without gifts” to one of “I am an amazing gifted human with everything I need to be super successful.”

This gives them a fundamental change in not only how they see the world but how the world sees them!

As Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right.”

If you believe in your heart that you have everything you need to be successful and chase your dreams – you do.

If you don’t think that you will ever accomplish what you would love to make happen – you won’t.


The only ingredient to positive change for what you want to bring into your life is this:

You have to know deep in your heart that you are a very gifted and talented individual. You must believe that while you are here on earth that you have an important mission and that you will accomplish that mission. You have everything inside of you to make your dreams a reality. Period – end of story!

You are not like the others. You were made differently for a reason – so that you could find and finish your soul’s purpose.

You are a divine being of light that has the God spark in you and you choose to be here on earth at this particular moment in time. Nothing that is for you will bypass you and you have EVERYTHING it takes, and I mean everything, to be super successful.

If all of what I’ve said above resonates and you are thinking that it sounds great then you are on the right track.

However, it’s a bit different reading it and actually believing it and that is the difference in how successful people move and those who are unsuccessful live.

Successful people know IN THEIR HEARTS they have all the essential ingredients they need to make their specific cake.

If they lose money, they know they can make more.

If they miss an opportunity, they know it’s just a numbers game and the next great opportunity will be sitting in their lap in no time.

Unsuccessful people who are have no abundance in any or very few areas of their life, constantly feel out of time, out of money and out of options.

Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Being out of options is an illusion and so is being out of money and time.

The Universe is an infinite place where anything can happen in the blink of an eye. It is never too late and there is always a way to bring what you want towards you.

Yet this only happens if you practice abundance consciousness.

This will be fully discussed in another post.


I help you take out the trash, which are the old thoughts and feelings of not being enough, and bring in the new essential thoughts of “Yes! I got this!”.

You are a divine being of Spirit and there is no one like you in all the world. The way you choose to look at life, the experiences you have had and all of what you can accomplish have prepared you to begin your journey.

You have within you all that you need or want to be.

Meditate on how unique you are.

Start giving yourself positive beliefs like “I am enough.” “I am amazingly different in a beautiful way”. “I am wonderful and I CAN do anything I set out to accomplish”.

Do this until you start to believe it and then set your goals and make a plan to take the action to make them a reality.

If you need help making this all-important switch in perspective, email me at

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