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Some of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face are being profitable, hiring the right employees and making sure their cash flow is positive. Without revenue, clients and employees, businesses fail quickly.

When I was reviewing the most important challenges businesses face on a top 10 list, I was shocked at the item that came in last place because it’s the one that I value more than all the others.

What is it?


The definition of self-doubt is a lack of confidence in oneself or one’s abilities.

If you are a heart-centered entrepreneur, this can be one of if not the biggest challenges you must face and conquer.

Self-doubt can manifest with imposter syndrome, comparing yourself to others and a loss of clients if they feel you are not equipped to handle their work.

This can be especially hard if you are empathic causing you to feel things much deeper than the average person.

In business, you must have the ability to move forward no matter the circumstances.

Self-doubt can manifest with you waking up at all hours of the night, worried about money, lack of clients and wondering how you will be able to move forward with confidence.

When you focus on what you lack, that is what you get more of, so conquering self-doubt is of paramount importance for your business to flourish.


It’s interesting to note that self-doubt is learned behavior. None of us are born with doubt. Self-doubt happens when you do not achieve a goal, or you fell short of expectations.

Specific experiences, especially if you are an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person, can have a lasting effect on how you move forward. Most of us grew up wanting to please our parents. When we fall short and in many instances are made to feel we are not enough, we experience self-doubt. You may have been passed over for a promotion or you didn’t receive the raise you worked so hard for; this will create self-doubt.

Self-doubt can also pop up when you receive a negative comment about a new product or service you are offering or where they think your business “should be”. Any references to you not measuring up will trigger self-doubt.


It’s important to know that self-doubt is always based off your fears and that even if they are untrue, as long as they are real in your mind, it will be something you need to deal with.

An example of this could be you feeling unable to attract the right clients. For example, let’s say that over the last 3 months you have been getting consistent clients from your YouTube channel.

Suddenly, the videos are not getting any comments or requests to work with you which will bring on self-doubt.

You may think:

· Why aren’t I getting any comments or emails from people who want to work with me?

· Why aren’t I being asked to do more podcasts or press?

· I’m still putting out the same great content, why don’t people feel it like they used too?

These types of thoughts can run through your mind in a negative loop and are always on. It will bring up every insecurity you have ever had and start to make you think that you are worthless, not good at your job and will have you begin to question not only yourself, but everyone and everything around you.



Your story are your beliefs around experiences that came from your past and many times, we do not make a conscious decision about them, yet this belief can be set in stone in our minds.

These “conscious decisions” can come from other’s thoughts that end up living in your subconscious mind, meaning they are not on your radar, yet they run on a continuous daily loop.

The story you tell yourself everyday is what will either propel you forward to a place of happiness and success or strip you down to someone who is unsuccessful, unhappy and unfulfilled.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you make YOUR STORY WORK FOR YOU in the most positive way possible.

Below are the steps to change your story.

Step #1 – What is your current story?

What are you telling yourself about how capable you are, your abilities, and accomplishments?

Step #2 – Where does your story come from?

Did it come from your parents telling you that you won’t ever be successful? Did it come from a teacher who told you that you would never be enough? Trace back the origins of the story to find out who gave you this story.

Step #3 – Is the story true? Does it create confidence in you?

If the story you tell yourself is hurting you and keeping you stuck, it’s time to change the story. It sounds simple, yet many of us are living a life based on a story that is untrue that came from those who did not have the best of intentions. Time to flip the switch!

Step #4 – Create a new story!

Here are the prerequisites for a great story.

Your story must be powerful, speak to your heart and make you happy!

This is your chance to rewrite a brand-new story and bring it into your life and business. It does not matter how far away it may seem to attain, and it does not matter if you have never tried to accomplish something this bold before.

Your job is to create a story that is your happiest life.

  • What would you be doing?

  • Where would you live?

  • Who would you be helping?

  • How accomplished would you feel?

Make sure it is empowering, actionable and makes your heart sing.

Most importantly, make your new story limitless and free of fear. You can also write up actionable steps you can take to start making strides bringing your story to life.

Please comment below and let me know what your new story is!


Does your business need help manifesting the right clients? Do you need to rebrand or change directions to move towards success? If so, I would love to work with you. Please email me at or check out the website to see The Brave Academy information here: The Brave Academy (


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