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No matter what business you have, every entrepreneur needs clients to survive. It doesn’t matter if you run a coaching practice, an accounting firm, or a technology group in Silicon Valley. To survive and thrive you must have paying clients who help you move from month to month with financial ease.

That’s the goal, yet you may be struggling in key areas that are affecting not only your bottom line, but your ability to sleep soundly at night.

No matter if you have just started a new business, or you have been in the game for a few years, you need to manifest new clients and grow your revenue consistently to stay afloat.

It may have become difficult trying to find the right clients and you can’t understand why it’s been so hard. You know your products are great and you have a solid website and processes so what gives?

You, my friend, have been trained to fail!

What does that mean?

Before you opened your doors as an entrepreneur, you were probably working in the corporate world and your mindset from those times is what's hindering you from moving forward today.

Basically, you have taken the negative mindset and brought it with you into your new business.


For employees who are unhappy in the corporate world, their mindset is centered around limiting thought processes and how ineffective they and their world is.

The thoughts that you created and listened to on a daily basis were limiting and these thoughts turned into beliefs that did not allow you to grow, change or expand in any way, shape or form.

Thoughts like:

· “I have zero control over my destiny. I don’t know when or even if I will ever move up the ladder.”

· “I have no value here, I am not seen or appreciated for anything I do. They only see where I fall short, not where I excel.”

· “On paper this job looks great, so why do I feel like I’m dying a little each day that I work in this soul sucking job?”

· “I’m literally killing myself making someone else rich while I get paid peanuts. Remind me why I’m do this again?”


You now have your own business, and you are looking for the right clients, the ones that you can make a true impact with and change the world with, yet something is off.

There is a mismatch between the potential clients that are showing up and who you truly want to work with. Also, your brand message is not being heard and received on the scale that you want it too.

You are having trouble manifesting the income, growth, and people that your business needs to thrive.

Why is this happening you ask?

You brought your old “corporate mentality” into your sparkly new business.

All of the “I’ can’t do this much longer, or I will self-destruct” and “I’m working so hard, and nothing is happening” are now stopping your business from growing.

You may have been so focused on the nuts and bolts of bringing your business to life that you didn’t upscale your mindset and that is where the problem lies.


I am in the business of helping you succeed on a massive level. To do this, we must break “The Loop” you are currently in and bring in one that helps empower you and your business.

What is “The Loop?”

The Loop is a term I use to describe your mental mindset. It can be either positive or negative and it can be based on any subject. Everyone has them and when it comes to mindset and manifesting, most of us are using ones that are hurting us more than helping us.

An example of a negative loop sounds like this:

“UGHH! I hate my job! I literally go there every day and push paper. I work super hard and even work extra hours, yet it makes no difference in my paycheck and the attitude from my boss is very negative. I could do this job for the rest of my life and still be earning next to nothing. There is no way out of this because as we all know “money doesn’t grow on trees”.

This was my life. I used to wake up every morning and say these words before my feet even hit the floor. It’s extremely disempowering and the last part of the loop that “money doesn’t grow on trees”, is a saying that I picked up from society that I turned into not just a saying, but gospel. By saying the above phrase over and over again, it turns into a negative self-fulfilling prophesy and now you really are STUCK in a negative loop.

When you say and FEEL how negative this is, that is what you are sending out into the universe every day. Your potential clients feel this negativity and they respond accordingly by moving away from you, not towards you.

Every emotion you feel radiates out into the world and comes back to you tenfold. That is why it is VITAL that you master your thoughts and emotions. What you feel you bring towards you.

Let’s change this by eliminating the negative loop and bringing in a positive one. A positive loop sounds like this:

“I am so excited about today! I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I know that it’s going to be great! I am excited to talk to new potential clients and I am so happy that my business is bringing in happy new customers and thousands of dollars into my business. The more I earn, the more empowered I am, and I can do all kinds of cool things to help leave the world a better place.”

I say this every day and it works. It will offer you empowerment, change your mindset to one of positivity and open up the doors to new opportunities for both you and your clients. It will also make you feel good! 😊

When you say these words, you can’t help but feel empowered. When you FEEL EMPOWERED, you send that out into the world and your potential clients will line up saying “I don’t know why, but I feel connected to you and your vibe!”


You do need to continue to market yourself and your business by showing up, writing, and speaking about your offerings and collaborating with others if that is what your business needs to grow. This article does NOT encourage you to stop any of the marketing that you are currently doing to gain new customers and followers. This article is here to help support you by offering you new perspectives on your current mindset and how it affects your business & clients. If you are working with professionals to grow your business, keep them in place. These are suggestions that have worked for myself and my clients, but it is up to you if you want to put them in play as a way to grow.

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