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Updated: May 7, 2019

Today’s post is about an old negative pattern that recently resurfaced for me that you may be experiencing. If you struggle with negativity, you need to kick it to the curb – fast! Read on to find out how.

A few nights ago, I felt myself going back to an old pattern. It’s a combination of two things:

  • The “What if” mindset…and

  • The scarcity mentality of “I’m not enough” and” There isn’t enough…”

It goes something like this. I’m lying awake in bed at night and my mind is racing! Combinations of these thoughts run through my mind:

  • “I have been doing so great, what if…I run out of time! What will I do?”

  • “What if…all the great connections stop happening! I’m scared!”

  • “What if…No one resonates with my teachings? What will happen?”

Then it goes into:

“I don’t have enough” …Talent, Brains, Money, Time (you fill in the blank)

“I’m not smart enough to do this, I’m not equipped, who do you think you are that you can pull this off?”

Have you ever felt like this?

The above is a negative loop from a scarcity mentality based on the thought of “I am not enough, What I do is not enough” and on and on.

Motivation Addict - Change you success waterline

Why Does This Happen?

We all have a success waterline and this is your success comfort zone. It’s a place where your body and mind feel aligned and comfortable with what the work you are putting out into the world. Your brain’s job is to keep you safe so if you move out of your success comfort zone, (aka your success waterline) when you are reaching out and taking action towards your goals, your brain will try to bring you back to that comfortable place to keep you safe.

Moving your success waterline is extremely important for your growth so you can stand more fully in your power. If you fail to understand what it is (self-sabotage) and that it’s consistently happening, it will keep you stuck and in one place.

How Can I Change My Success Waterline?

There are only two ways to change a success waterline:

  • Move out of your comfort zone by taking massive action consistently and

  • Borrow someone else’s success waterline that is higher, which happens when you learn under a mentor or teacher, who is where you want to be or is ahead of you on their journey.


In other words, you can’t vibrate at a low level and expect to get baller success. You can’t have a Honda mindset and expect to get a Lamborghini. Make sense? (No offense against Honda’s, I drive one but I would take the Lambo any day of the week!)

So how do we raise our vibration and change our mindset, if we aren’t where we want to be?

The best way is to take massive action as often as you can, (daily if possible), that stretches your comfort zone which propels you to your next level.

To clarify – when I say massive action there are two things I mean by that:

  1. Massive action outside your comfort zone aka DO THINGS THAT SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF YOU! A lot. This could mean travelling to a new country, standing on a stage and speaking, any task where you feel you are way outside your comfort zone and wonder if you can really accomplish the task at hand - is the only way to move your waterline.

  2. You must take action consistently which means you need to constantly be looking for ways to change – daily if possible. Don’t play it safe, go out on a limb and stretch to make changes.

For example:

If you have a business that has low visibility or very few customers, your goal should be to get as much visibility as you possibly can – fast. For example:

  • You might reach out to influencers in your niche and offer your services to help their clients be successful. (Reaching out to an influencer who has more exposure and experience can be scary. As long as you bring a positive tangible result to their audience, it will elevate your game and create a relationship with the influencer – a win-win for everyone.)

  • Inquire about speaking to audiences that your services could help. (Public speaking is very scary to most people, yet it could be a huge opportunity for you to showcase your brand and do what you do best).

Remember what I said about changing your vibration and that you need to be at the vibration above where you are now to get where you want to be? Both of the examples above are perfect opportunities for you to raise your success waterline.

How Can I Raise My Vibration to Change My Success Waterline?

To stand more fully in your power, you need to change your game and raise your vibration which switches your mentality from lack to abundance. This will give you momentum to go from where you are now to where you want to go.

Take an inventory of where you are now by looking at four areas of your life:

  • Your Work and Purpose,

  • Physical Health and Body,

  • Spirituality and Mind,

  • Financial and Prosperity.

4 Easy Steps to Raising Your Vibration

Step #1: Ask yourself – Where do you want to be in 6 months in each of these areas?

To get to your next level, you must be at that same vibration now. Let’s look at an example of how you can reach your goals.

Example: Let’s say you have a business earning $1,000 a month. In 6 months, you want to be earning $3,000 per month.

To get to $3,000 per month, you will need to do different tasks. You may need to get more visibility on the services you offer. You may need to bring more visitors to your website and social media. You should network with influencers that are a few steps ahead of you.

The point is, you will need to do things differently to earn $3,000 per month than what you are doing right now at $1,000 per month which brings us to step #2.

Step #2: What would I need to do differently to earn $3,000 per month?

Where would I need to go? Who would I need to connect with? What would I need to change to earn $3,000 per month? Who do I need to be and how can I show up more powerfully?

Once you have the answer to that question, which usually involves doing tasks that may seem scary, let’s look at some tasks you might need to bring into your life.

Step #3: Start visualizing exactly what each of those tasks that we listed above would look like in your mind.

How would you feel inside if you were earning $3,000 per month? What would a typical day look like? How would you be showing up for your clients? How would you feel physically and spiritually? Would you be less stressed out about money-what would that feel like?

Allow yourself to take each one of those items listed above and visualize it in as much detail as possible, what that would look like as if it has ALREADY HAPPENED.

Step #4: Here’s the key – you need to BELIEVE that what you desire has already happened.

It’s done. Game over! You killed it! You are now earning $3,000 per month and it’s a done deal. Don’t worry about the how’s – how it will look, how it will come to you. All you need to do is focus on the fact that it’s done. The money is in the bank.

When you visualize in extreme detail what it would look like and how you would feel earning $3,000 per month, and then believing with all your heart that it has happened - your brain won’t know that it isn’t real and that is what changes your mindset and vibration. Once your vibration is raised, all those good things start coming towards you.

Motivation Addict - Change your success waterline to change your life

To Review -

Ask yourself:

  1. Where do I want to be in 6 months in each area of my life?

  2. What do I need to do differently to reach this goal?

  3. Start visualizing exactly what each of those tasks that we listed above would look like in your mind in extreme detail.

  4. Believe that what you desire has already happened. Know that it has been done. No questions should remain in your mind.

At this point, your mind will have seen the success and believe it has happened which will raise your vibration and put you on the right path towards your goals.

This process is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets. The more consistent you are when taking massive action, the easier it will be to gain momentum. Remember, you can do this, so be fearless.

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