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Our country is in the middle of a complete melt down and shit storm.

There is no other way for me to put it.

You have seen the news and so have I. It is disheartening, and for those of us who are sensitive, it carries even more weight and can make you feel like giving into the chaos.


I have been guided strongly by Spirit to let you know that this is a time for you to actually STEP INTO your power, NOT SHRINK from it.

This will feel counter intuitive and your first instinct will be to shut yourself down. This is a common protective action, yet I would like to encourage you to try a different method.

When you feel the stress, fear and anxiety of what’s going on in the world, go within and seek that place of calm waters.

Inside of each of us is a reservoir of power with calm, cool waters only accessible to you.

This is where your Soul and Intuition live and where your Higher Self is able to help you grow, change your perspective and listen to the hints that will help you move forward.

You can do this by meditating and dropping into your heart.

Picture your heart and feel how much love your heart has for not only yourself and those around you, but all of humanity.

Bask in that place that is peace, calm and serenity. This is especially important as it will work to bring your power back instead of draining it.

Use visualization to bring to mind the most beautiful calming place you know of.

See yourself as rising above the chaos and remember that YOU CHOOSE HOW YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE THE EVENTS that are now unfolding.

You can remain detached, you can care, you can let the negative emotions all the way in and let it cripple you or….

You can choose to say, “I see this yet I will not swim in this chaos. That is not my best option.”

This is not about you not caring, it's about doing what works best for you. There are times when we must put our own life preserver on so that we can shine and take care of others in the best way we know how.

In the end you must do what works best for you and no other.

I am sending you oceans of love, light and happy vibes.


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