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Updated: Feb 17, 2021

“I feel alone, unloved, sad, unable to move forward and no one understands me. I keep my guards in place to protect myself from being vulnerable. I know it’s about higher-level spiritual shifts, but the truth is my heart is sensitive and this is why I have lived much of my life trying NOT to feel.”

This is how I felt a few years ago before I knew I was connected to God and had an amazing team of Archangels that I now roll with.

These were also stories I had told myself that turned into a personal oath of destruction and a form of self-sabotage. I believed that no one would understand me or my gifts and that one belief stopped me in my tracks from stepping into my power and showing all of who I was.

Being an Empath, Intuitive Healer and Animal Communicator meant that I feel everything that others feel. Sensitive people can feel others pain, sorrow, joy and happiness and it’s common for them to try and block out other people’s feelings to protect their own energy.

Even if you aren’t sensitive, have you built walls that were supposed to protect you but have now become a fortress that no one can enter? Have you protected your heart so much that you can’t remember what it’s like for someone to touch you emotionally & spiritually?


I was miserable and not confident in my own abilities and I had old stories stuck in my head that were not serving me or allowing me to move forward in my life.

I asked Spirit: “What must I release to move into this new chapter of my life?”

“Dearest, you must release the old version of you. This includes the old thoughts and paradigms that have controlled much of your life.”

I had gotten so used to the negative stories I had created or received from others that were now holding me back from true enlightenment and happiness.

So, I ask you this all-important question: What negative stories do you tell yourself that hold you back from achieving your goals and true happiness?

It’s time to drop the stories that never served you and replace them with affirmations about success and happiness so that you can vibrate higher and manifest what you truly want in your life.

Spirit went on to say: “Always having a lack mentality is a very small and limited version of you and does not represent who you truly are. Now we ask that you see yourself as the beautiful creature of light that you are. It’s time to move past and through all the old and up level to your new and better station.”


Your new belief system must include verbiage like “I am powerful. I am beautiful. I can do all things through Spirit and I am strong enough to accomplish my goals.”

Remember how high or low you vibrate energetically is sent out into the world and comes right back to you tenfold. If you are constantly in a low vibration with feelings of anger, frustration and unhappiness – that is what you are sending out to everyone around you and what you will receive back from the universe.

If you are in a higher vibrational state with thoughts of gratitude, happiness and love – that is what is felt by all and what you will be sent back to you.


The answer I received was: “This is the entire point of your journey! You don’t need to know what your powers are. You will learn them one at a time so you are not overwhelmed.”

Here are 8 steps to help you embrace all that you are.

1 Have Faith in Spirit and the Divine Process that your powers are there and will be made available to you at exactly the right time. You have gifts that will be made available to you which will bring you and others great joy and happiness. Choose faith over fear and believe in your own abilities.

2 Divine Timing is always in play. Know that you cannot see all of what is happening in your life. Trust that things will be brought to you when you need them most and that good people and karma is coming your way.

3 Let Go! You cannot control anyone, anything or any outcome. You can only control yourself. When you let go of how you WANT things to be and start looking at them as they truly ARE, you gain control over yourself and begin to shape your life as you want it to be.

4 Embrace the Journey! Your life is supposed to be F-U-N! Start enjoying where you are by staying in the moment, not the future or the past.

5 Do Not Judge Yourself or Others! Judgment in any form is born out of fear and it is not your job. It does not serve you and is harmful to others. Let go of judgement as it will keep your spirit light.

6 Take Full Responsibility for Your Actions and Words! Your words can cut with the sharpness of a scalpel and hurt others. Think before you speak and remember that kindness is highly underrated.

7 Let Your Barriers Down! Your boundaries have become barriers that no one can climb. Begin to look at humans and strive to see their heart, not the outside exterior. Everyone is fighting a battle at any given time. Try to look at others with kindness and love – it will change your life.

8 Give All Unconditional Love! Just as you wish to be accepted and loved, others wish the same from you. Treat all as you would like to be treated, without judgment, without fear and unconditionally.

You are a divine being of infinite light and your job is to shine your light far and wide. Speak to yourself and others positively and know that you are indeed gifted with many talents that will help yourself an others’ soar.

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