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The definition of manifestation is to create or turn something from an idea into reality.

We all have things we want to bring into our lives to help ourselves and mankind be better. In business, having clients is the key to you being able to thrive, help others and leave your positive imprint on the world.

I am sure you have heard it often said that if you don’t have clients, then you only have a hobby and that is very true. Bringing in clients is one of if not the most important task you have as a business owner. Without clients and revenue, your business is dead in the water.

But how do you manifest not only clients, but the right clients to work with?

Below are 3 steps to take to manifest the right clients.


The secret to manifesting the right clients for you & your business is to meditate and create that perfect person in your mind. Sit down on a comfy couch, (pillows always help), close your eyes and start to visualize what your perfect client would look like. Some things to consider: Would it be a male, female or do you want to work with both? What is their age range? What do they do for work? What are they coming to you for?

The clearer and more detailed you can make this picture the better. The goal is for you to have a representation of them in your mind so that your brain easily identifies with this person and says “YES! This is the person I work best with, and we are a perfect fit together!”

Here are some other criteria to consider:

· Can they comfortably pay my rates?

· Is the service they are requesting from me in my wheelhouse?

· Will they complete the work I ask them to do?

Most importantly: Will they listen to me & take my guidance or will my advice and required homework fall on deaf ears?

In contrast, define what a “bad client” looks like so that you know a good client when you see one. A bad client could be someone who will not move forward and grow, one who will not pay on time or falls behind, and someone who fights you on your recommendations.

A client you are not clicking with will end up making you feel helpless as they will not accomplish their goals and will stay stuck right where they are.

I always ask my prospective clients; are they open to dropping their logic and focusing in on their intuition & creativity as well as doing the homework? If they say no, I tell them it’s probably not a good fit for both of us.


Sometimes the hardest part of manifesting a goal is the understanding that you are here and not there. You need clients to grow your business, yet you don’t know where they are or how to call them in.

In essence, you are stuck here, and you want to be there – there being where the grass grows greener, and you are more profitable than ever.

You need to bridge the gap to be successful, but how?

Find a quiet spot to meditate and go back to your comfy place, either in nature or anywhere you can get quiet.

I would like you to visualize your business and life as big and bright as you want it to be. Imagine where you live, and you are working in your business with the perfect clients who adore you. The wonderful strides they are making towards their new lives and the revenue you receive in perfect reciprocity for what you offer them brings you both joy.

This is not an illusion or fantasy – this is your reality, and it is done.

You already have the clients.

You already have the revenue.

This has already happened, it’s in a past tense and you are now reaping the rewards for your hard work.

Remember the key here is to visualize this scenario and include the emotions that go with it. For example, you see yourself working with the client over zoom and feel how happy they are at the results they have from working with you.

You feel that joy, abundance and gratitude and you are not seeing it from the sidelines, you are seeing it from being in the moment. This is your reality.


It’s now your turn to claim what is yours boldly into the universe.

This is the fun part that many people like to do. It may feel a little strange at first but trust me – it gets fun when you do it regularly and you WILL see the results.

Proudly proclaim what you want to happen and come into your life to the universe.

For example, I claim that I will have 6 new private clients by the end of the month and they will bring in $15,000 per month, every month consistently for the rest of the year. That or something better and I am open to the many ways the universe can bring me these gifts.

If you notice, there are some key ingredients here that you need to follow.

1 You must be very specific in what you ask for.

Many people ask for “more money” or “I want a million dollars” or even “lots of cash”.

That is nowhere near specific enough for the universe to deliver on your request.

If you want more money, you must state the specific amount.

If you want more clients, ask for the exact number of clients you would like to be working with right now.

2 You must put a deadline on your request.

For example, I will have 6 new private clients by the end of April 2022.

This way the universe knows how quickly you want your request filled.

3 Ask for “This or something better”.

There are millions of ways you can receive what you are asking for. You may have one idea of how you think that will look.

You might think, I will post an ad on Facebook and people will see the ad and contact me which will turn them into a paying client.

The universe can send you clients many ways - through referrals from current clients, or you could get into a discussion about your work at a dinner party which may result in a new client, and it could also be through an ad.

There are an infinite number of ways the universe can send you what you desire. Leave it open ended so that you are able to receive no matter what you want no matter where it’s coming from.

Try these 3 steps every day and watch the magic unfold. Manifesting works when you do it correctly. The universe is always listening.

If you like this article and want to work with me either as a private client or attend The Brave Academy, here are the links: The Brave Academy (

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