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This reading is for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horses etc and they can be here or have passed on.   

You will receive:  2 - 60 minute animal healing sessions over the course of the month, offering the animal energy from Spirit to heal, remove negative blockages, as well as have conversations between you & your best friend to answer your questions. 


You will receive unlimited support via Email and text for the time we work together​.

HOW IT WORKS:  I need a picture or short video of your pet along with the name.   I tune in and communicate with your pet prior to our zoom call. 

We meet for one-hour via Zoom two times during the month so we can discuss the reading and go over all your questions .  You will receive the recorded zoom video of our time together.  Once the reading is complete, I send you via email the typed up report of everything your animal said as well as the answers to your questions.​

1 Month Animal Reading & Support-Email me to discuss pricing

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