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Today I have a simple question for you.


If we looked around your world, what would we see?

Let’s start with your home. What kind of home is it and is it large or small in terms of square footage? What type of furnishings are in it? Does it have Ikea pieces, hand me downs from your parents or top of the line custom made furniture.

Where do you live? Are you in the forest with hundreds of green acres or are you right on the beach?

Looking in your closet, what kinds of clothes do you wear? Are they inexpensive T-shirts and jeans built for comfort? Or is there a mix of occasional dresses for functions and fun outings? Do you have full on designer clothing, jewelry, and accessories – nothing but the best as in Hermes, Cartier, and Rolex?

What kind of car do you drive? Is it an 11-year-old Honda with 200,000 miles on it, or a mid-level car with great looks and functionality? Or do you drive a different car depending on the day – think BMW, Bentley, or Audi?

Where do you work? In a large corporate building with thousands of employees or do you work for yourself in your home office?

What type of friends do you have, meaning what type of people are they? Are they easy to be with or are they high maintenance and stress you out because they are so extra?

Everything and everyone that is in your life, you have brought into your field. You have put out your energy into the world on a specific vibration and that vibration is mirrored back to you with what you see in your world.

Where you live, the clothes you wear, the car you drive and the friends you have as well as where you work and what you do.

All of it has come THRU YOU!


Are you happy with all of what you see in your home, work life, your social life and your friend group?

For most of us, there are areas where there could be improvements and we would be happy to see it happen. Yet there are many of you that do not like where you live, may even hate your job and don’t have many friends around you and whether you know it or not, that’s on purpose.

If I asked you – would you be ok with me completely changing everything in your life and upgraded, it substantially – would you say yes? Or no! I like things just the way they are.

There is not wrong answer, but if you are like me for much of my life, I had gotten to a point where I woke up one day and thought “Why am I living here, in a cold state that I don’t like – at all.” “I don’t like my job and was over it and I had no family left who lived near me.” I thought – “I need to move to a warmer climate and near the beach.”

Let me tell you – within 2 weeks, I had found a brand-new home, a beautiful barn for my horse and was going to open the doors to my own business. BOOM!

It was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I wish I had done it sooner.

If you are living in a climate that you don’t like, move! I can tell you that I am such a happier person being where I always wanted to be – it changes everything for you.

All of this is an intentional choice.

Right now, if you are unhappy with any or all parts of your life, and you want to make a change, what is stopping you?

What are you waiting for?

NEWS FLASH: You get to create your reality and you are in charge of YOUR life! The sooner you understand that everything and every being in your life is there because you called them in, the better.

So, if you want to upgrade your life in any area, there is a process to do so.

The first step is all about intention.

The definition of an intention is a determination or plan to do a specific thing. Setting an intention is a way to align your mind, body, soul and all your senses in one direction. Instead of being scattered, setting an intention is part of goal setting and works to keep you on track from the beginning to the end of a process.

It is immensely powerful so it’s important that you are very specific when setting your intention.

When setting your intention, it’s not enough just to say the words.

What creates the reality that you desire is putting your energy into the intention.

How do we do that? Visualization.

First, we get crystal clear on what our desired intention is. You have to put your order into the universe and be as specific as you can be.

If you said, “I want to make lots of money”, that won’t work. The universe has no idea how much “lots of money” is because to every person it is a different amount which can vary greatly. A better way to say it would be “I want to earn $20,000 each month consecutively for one year starting this month, this or something better.”

Open your arms and say: “I am open to it, and I receive it any way the universe wants to bring it to me.”

Do you see what I did there?

You must be willing and able to receive this money (or whatever you are asking for) and by saying “This or something better,” allows the universe to bring it to you any way it wants.

You may have only one way you think you can earn money; the universe is abundant and has infinite ways to bring the money to you.

That is how you begin to ask for and receive what you truly want into your quantum field.

The language is simple and so is the request. What’s important is your ability to receive and the last piece of this is to visualize it.

See your bank account on your computer, picture yourself looking at it and seeing $20,000 in your account. Get excited about it and feel what that would look like.

The more you visualize it, the more you are pulling it into your field and the more normal it becomes.

This is just the beginning of having the life you want, your way.

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