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Channeled Message - You Are Not Alone!

This is a channeled message for the hopeless, the defeated, the lost, those of you who are scared, scarred, and unsure how to navigate your way through this difficult time.

You are not alone. This and all you are going thru is not a test, it is a lesson for you each collectively and all of humanity. You ALL must learn how to stand on your own 2 feet, to not discard each other, but help those who need guidance, a hand or even a leg up. This includes both the 2 and 4 legged ones.

What you must all understand is that you and your earth are in the process of dying a steady, slow death.

Yet there is a way to turn this around. There is a way to stop the corruption for the incoming blackness that has overtaken your hearts.

Turn back to me your GOD!

Look for me. Look for my light in each other. You will not survive without the help of your fellow man and myself. Take this opportunity to help lift each other up.

Stop fighting. Start loving and know that I see all without exception. You will all be judged to each of your works. Your thoughts and your actions so take care, heed my call and begin to do what many of you do not want to do - SHINE!

Please remember that there are only lessons, not failures. Stop comparing yourselves - Angels to serpents -for there is no space between the two.

Do not lose your Earth. See with spiritual eyes and not human eyes. Learn to see how Healers see -they only care about the heart. That is all.

Your exterior will fall away. Your heart and soul will remain. What you choose to do with that is what will set you apart from those who will not be blessed. This has nothing to do with church. This is all about your deeds - be they great or small it is up to you.

Whoever has an ear let him hear. I love you all. Time is running out. Learn to band together and all will be well.

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