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  I'm Julie!

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You know you have gifts, but what are they?  And how can you use them to change your life?

Do you need help figuring out what your soul's purpose is?

My specialty is reconnecting you to your heart, so you can recognize your gifts, and live your soul's purpose.  I remove negative energetic blocks and bring in pure Source light, aligning you with your soul's purpose.  

Do you have a furbaby that has passed away and would like to receive messages from them?

Are you trying to understand what your animal is saying, but you don't have a clue how to help? 


Animal readings create a heart-to-heart connection and give you more information to live in harmony with your best friend.  I also bring back messages of love from those who have passed to give you closure and answers only they can provide.

Life Coach Julie Saillant with equine therapy horse
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I believe nothing is out of reach.  I was born with a unique gift and the ability to heal animals and connect their wisdom and energy with humans.  I am the bridge offering information from the sacred energy of horses and other animals, connecting their healing energy to humans.  My specialty is calling in your personal sacred animal wisdom and connecting to your heart so you can live your true soul purpose.  

From the ages of 12 to 17, I went to 6 schools in six years, including spending one year overseas in England.  Going to many different schools, both public and private, I was always the “new kid” and each and every time, I had to start over.  I would leave a school, having won over new friends and begin again, never knowing whom to trust or where to go.


This was a difficult time for me because whenever I felt comfortable, the rug was pulled out from under me and I had to start all over.


What it taught me was that I am resilient and I can adapt and flourish in any setting.  More importantly, I needed to rely on my own instincts and abilities to stand in the knowledge that I was different – and that was ok.


When I was 16, I boarded at a local barn and there was a male boarder who had a beautiful mare.  Every time he would ride, he beat her and rode her hard, never taking care of her after he rode.


One night, he took her through a barbed-wire fence in the pouring rain.  He took her tack off and left her wet, bleeding and in distress from her injuries.


I got the owner of the barn who lived on the property and together we patched her up.  That night, the mare spoke to me with both words and images of what had happened to her.  She was in pain both physically and mentally and was desperate for anyone to help her. She couldn’t understand what she had done wrong to make her owner treat her so badly.


I realized that night that I could understand clearly not only my own horse, but what the mare was communicating to me as she sent images and words into my mind.  This was the beginning of my communication with horses and other animals.


These experiences coupled with my intuition and empathy have allowed me to grow and have made it easy for me to put myself in other people’s shoes, to truly feel what they feel and to motivate them to go for their dreams.  I understand what it feels like to have gifts you don't feel comfortable sharing, and to go through life feeling unfulfilled.  My gift is helping all I work with to heal and stand in their full power by bringing in their specific power animals energy offering strength, guidance, and joy.  I remove negative energetic blockages and restore you with pure Angelic light.  I am the bridge for animals who want to share messages with their loved ones.  Nothing is out of reach and fulfilling your destiny is right around the corner.  I give you the map to success!


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