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Mystical Healer & Motivational Mindset Coach

Do you ever feel like something's missing, or do you find yourself questioning the meaning of & direction of your life?


To learn more about your gifts & soul purpose, click on the picture below.


This is the silent struggle of purposelessness, a deep, internal conflict that many of us face at some point in our lives. It's the pain of not knowing why we're here, what we're meant to do, and how to find fulfillment and satisfaction in our daily lives.

My role is to provide a path to change, helping others see beyond their blocks to a life filled with purpose, authenticity & prosperity.

Have you been trying to understand what your pet is saying, and you have no clue on how to help them?


To learn about what your beloved pet is saying or how they are feeling, click on the picture below.  

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Most pet owners love their animals and think of them as part of their family, be it a dog, cat or horse.  When a pet is acting out of character or is experiencing something, they want to understand how to better equip their pet so they can lead a happier stress free life.

My role is to be the bridge to bring you messages from your pet, and vice versa if they have crossed over. 

About Julie

Julie is a born Empath, Lightworker & Energy Practitioner who receives direct guidance from God & her Ancestral Guides.  She receives downloads & visions and is able to speak to both humans & animals who have crossed over as well as bring readings thru from the Akashic Records.   She will activate your personal power & offers healings in many ways.  Julie's goal as an Activator is to help all who are ready connect with their soul to live their life purpose. 

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"My life has been forever changed since meeting and knowing Julie Saillant.  From the moment I could feel her energy and the warmth of her heart and spirit.  She is truly gifted to do what she does.  Her sessions are intimate and power-filled.  I have received so much clarity and peace surrounding issues and struggles I am dealing with in my daily life – God has a way of working through her to bring you hope, peace, and healing.  This will be the best experience of your life and you will be so thankful that you did it.  I recommend her to anyone not only in rough times but just for spiritual encouragement, life direction, and guidance.  Make contact with her soon, you'll be glad you did!" 😊                                                                                                                                                                                          ---Portia

Live Life Your Way!

I combine channeled messages from Spirit along with my intuition bringing you into perfect alignment with your Soul's purpose.

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Julie hosts her own podcast on Anchor, Spotify, and iTunes!  She interviews Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Spiritual Leaders, and those who have overcome adversity, giving you the keys to elevated consciousness & success!  We discuss how to move from scarcity to abundance with Mindset Mastery so you can have health, wealth & the lifestyle that you dreamed of.

Click on the icon above to listen in!

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